Take the guesswork out of your promotions

Hand on heart, we believe we are the preeminent source of promotion learning and best practice. Since 1971 we have been on a mission to uncover the ever evolving behavioural principles as to what makes a truly Best-in-Class promotion.

PromoTrack™ is a syndicated study designed to provide a competitive advantage in the short-term marketing and promotions industry. It will guide you through the many pitfalls brought about by relying on gut feel alone.

If you are agency-side, draw on these insights to validate and build credibility around your creating thinking. If you are client-side, know your must-haves and must-avoids when building your brief.

Topic Areas Covered

Case Studies

  • How does a fuel station sell more drinking glasses than Costco and Walmart…COMBINED?
  • How can a cheeseburger change more behaviour than $1,000,000?
  • Why a promotion is better for your brand than brand advertising.
  • Why repeating a promotion is the Holy Grail.
  • How to ruin a phenomenal promotion in 1 easy step.

Prizing best-practice

  • What do people want to win?
  • What is the smallest investment that will drive a change in behaviour?
  • What is the optimal prize structure?
  • Knowing which prize is actually driving the promotion – smaller is better.
  • Contra is almost impossible to nail.

Retail best-practice

  • When is the ask too much?
  • What is given vs. what is received?

Mechanic best-practice

  • How do consumers want to enter?
  • How can mechanic impact purchase frequency?
  • ‘Free’ is great, but does it need to be?

Communication best-practice

  • Messaging hierarchy
  • The role and importance of comprehension
  • Does the name of a promotion really matter?

Pricing options


The latest report in Powerpoint format.

AUD $3,900

Report + Workshop

The report (in Powerpoint format) plus a 2-hour workshop personalised to your company/category.

AUD $5,400 + travel costs


We refer to Promotrack constantly to help us hone promotional mechanics and prizing recommendations, leading to optimal results for our clients. The workshop Devon and the team ran was interactive, informative and added value by bringing the data to life via examples from the categories we work across, demonstrating how the insights can really drive results.

Laura Brown


The value that IMI add to our campaigns makes each and every one of them best practice in the industry. Their unique and innovative research model has kept delivering for agencies and brands for over two decades, and we at The Zoo Republic have been there with them working side by side. Their continued passion for what they do and their collaborative approach makes them feel a true partner. And once you have engaged with them, you will never run an activation without consulting them.
David Lo

CEO, The Zoo Republic


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